Satellite-Based Positioning - VU 2


Instructor : Weinold, Thomas, Dr. techn.

Elective course (GVW 2-3) for students of the Master's Programme Environmental Engineering

Interdisciplinary course for Master's Programmes and course for Incoming Students

Lecture and practical exercises, each approximately 1 credit hour

Assessment: oral examination and elaboration of the exercises

These lectures and practical exercises give the function and the range of use of satellite navigation in general and NAVSTAR-GPS in particular. The highly accurate coordinates and height determination for applications in building surveying is treated in detail.

Lecture contents:

  • Methods of positioning and navigation
  • Navigation satellite systems NAVSTAR, GLONASS, GALILEO and other
  • Satellite and satellite orbits
  • Evaluation of radio signals
  • Differential GPS precise point determination, special applications
  • Real time kinematics
  • Ground-based and satellite-based supplementary schemes
  • GPS receivers
  • Applications in building surveying:
    Tunneling, Pipeline construction building construction, deformation measurements

Exercise content:

Measuring exercises using handheld GPS receivers and geodetic special devices

  1. Operation of handheld devices
    • waypoints, routes and tracks to store and transfer to PC
    • waypoints and routes from PC onto your GPS device
    • GPS evaluation software by manufacturers and Freeware
  2. GIS recipients: measurement and Postprocessingcalculation
  3. Forecast calculation for high-precision GPS measurements
  4. GPS base line measurements and evaluation
  5. RTK measurements
  6. Special application

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