Surveying - U2

844.612 -0 bis - 4


Compulsory course of Bachelor's Programme Civil and Environmental Engineering


Instructor :

Combination of surveying exercises and evaluation of the measurements

Assessment: continously, grading of the written evaluation reports of the measurements.


Contents of exercises:

  1. Theodolite
    • Stetting up, introduction of the instrument's details and features
  2. Exercise of reading, "free stationing" and saving measurements on the instrument
    • Transfering measurement data to a PC and evaluation
  3. Point acquisition by measuring angles and distance - Tacheometry
    • evaluation of measurements to a DXF-pointcloud and the final plan.
  4. Data flow - coded point aquisition
  5. Measuring a traverse
  6. Levelling line using a digital level
  7. Profile measurement by thacheometer and digital level
  8. Setting out
    • Route by coordinates and independent check
    • Sight rail
  9. 3D indoor surveying
  10. Presentation of a robotic totalstation
  11. Access to land register, database of coordinate , digital cadastre map and geodata portal of BEV

PCs with installed software RM-GEO 4.x are availible at the computer room of the unit for the evaluation of measurements.

The reports of surveying and evaluations of all exercise sessions must be filed to a folder in groups. Until the end of the summer semester the folder has to be handed to the instructor.


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