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Anna-Katharina Sieberer, MSc
New Podcast

An interview with Anna Sieberer for the Podcast Greenhorn Science. [weiter] 

New paper published in International Journal of Earth Sciences

Hugo Ortner and Sinah Kilian published new paper presenting revised tectonic subdivision of the western Northern Calcareous Alps. [weiter] 

 New paper published in Journal of Structural Geology

Sinah Kilian and Hugo Ortner published a study about buckle folding in the Northern Calcareous Alps. They present results from field observations and numeric experiments. [weiter]

TecLab Logo
Analogue modelling in Utrecht University's TecLab 

As part of her PhD project, Anna Sieberer studies large-scale crustal to lithospheric deformation processes of the Dolomites Indenter in the Tectonic Modelling laboratory ("TecLab") at Utrecht University. [weiter]

New Paper published in Journal of Metamorphic Geology

In this paper by Kathrin Fassmer et al. we study an early phase of the Caledonian Orogeny in northern Sweden with the help of Lu-Hf geochronology on high-pressure metamorphic rocks. [weiter]

Mag.(FH) Sinah Kilian, MSc
Sinah Kilian defended her PhD Thesis

On 11th December 2020 Sinah Kilian finished her PhD with a successful defensio. Congratulations Dr. Sinah. [weiter]

New Paper published in International Journal of Earth Sciences

Kathrin Fassmer published a study about rapid subduction and exhumation of an ultra-high-pressure unit in the Caledonides of Northern Norway (Tromsø) [weiter]

Fieldwork in the Dolomites

Thomas Klotz and Anna Sieberer on one of their sample and data collecting missions in the eastern Southern Alps, ... [weiter]

Lise-Meitner grant awarded to Kathrin Faßmer

Kathrin Faßmer received an FWF Lise-Meitner grant to study the duration of intracontinental subduction.

Thomas Klotz, MscAnna-Katharina Sieberer, MSc
Welcome Thomas and Anna as new PhD students
Thomas Klotz and Anna-Katharina Sieberer started as PhD students in a FWF funded project about the Thermo-tectonic evolution of the Dolomites Indenter.
FWF project awarded to Hannah Pomella
Hannah Pomella recieved a FWF grant, including two PhD positions, to study the Thermo-tectonic evolution of the Dolomites Indenter




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