Michael Strasser, Research Projects

Ongoing Projects as Principle Investigator

DYNAMITE: Dynamic Nankai Trough (Japan) and Swiss Molasse Basin: Investigating NeoTectonics, Paleo-Earthquakes and associated Geohazards;

A SNFS fundend research program studying the geological record of earthquake-triggered subaquatic sediment instabilities to quantitatively constrain paleoseismicity and related hazards (SNF project nr: PP00P2-133481)

Accretionary PRISM numerical MODeling Experiments to investigate origin and evolution of forearc basins and its influence on subduction zone dynamics

An ETH funded research project integrating 3D-seismic and Ocean Drilling borehole data with numerical simulations to explore the Nankai accretionary wedge, offshore Japan (ETH-Grant Nr. ETH-07 12-1; PhD Project supervised by M.Strasser)

NanTroSLIDE: Nankai Trough Submarine Landlide History.

This Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) ancillary project investigates the submarine landslide history in the Nankai forearc as it may relate to the tectonic evolution of the margin and reconstructs sliding and transport dynamics of submarine landslides as it may relate to their tsunamigenic potential.

Completed Projects as Principle Investigator

SNF-prospective researcher project:

The role of depositional and post-depositional processes on sediment stability and mechanical behavior under dynamic seismic loading conditions in shallow subduction zone environments (SNF project nr: PBEZ2-118865)


Quantifying Late Quaternary Natural Hazards in Swiss Lakes: Subaquatic Landslides, Slope Stability Assessments, Paleoseismic Reconstructions and Lake Outbursts.

Supervisor: Prof. Flavio S. Anselmetti;  Funding: SNF  (project nr: 620-066113)

Active involvements

NanTroSEIZE:  Nankai Trough Seismogenic Zone Experiment. 

This Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) multi-stage drilling project is focused on understanding the mechanics of seismogenesis, rupture propagation, and tsunamigenesis through direct sampling, in situ measurements, and long-term monitoring.

Earth's continental MARgins: aSessing the geoHAzard from submarine Landslides (IGCP-585). 

This UNESCO – International Geoscience Program Project (IGCP) focuses on facilitating the interaction of scientists, engineers, industry and government representatives, and other parties interested in submarine mass movementsand their geohazard potential.

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