Ongoing Projects 

Hallstaetter Lake Sediments

 3500 years of human-environment-interaction around Lake Hallstatt (Facealps Project)

Funded by the Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften (ÖAW)

PI: Kerstin Kowarik, Natural History Museum of Vienna

Collaborators from Univ. Innsbruck: Michael Strasser, Stefan Lauterbach and Thomas Berberich (MSc-Student)

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The pinger system on the Klopeiner See, Carinthia

Quake-Lake Carinthia: improving the Environmental Seismic Intensity Scale and assessing strong earthquake recurrence in formerly-glaciated intraplate settings

Funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) (2017-2021)

PI: Jasper Moernaut 

Co-PI: Michael Strasser

Project Member: Christoph Daxer

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SLATE logo

SLATE - Submarine Landslides and their impact on European continental margins

Funded by the Marie-Skłodowska-Curie program, European Commission

In collaboration with a team of 11 beneficiaries and 4 partner organizations from 7 European countries.

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RV Sonne on the Pacific Ocean

Earthquake Archive in the GEological Record of the Japan Trench (EAGER-Japan)

Funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) (2016-2020)

PI: M. Strasser
Project Members: T. Schwestermann (PhD Student) and A. Kioka (Postdoc)

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The end-Permian mass extinction in the Alps

The end-Permian mass extinction in the Southern and Eastern Alps: extinction rates vs taphonomic biases in different depositional environments

Funded by EUREGIO (2016-2019)

Collaborators: E. Kustatscher (Naturmuseum Südtirol, Bozen), M. Bernardi (MUSE – Museo delle Scienze, Trento), K. Krainer 


ALPSMOTION – Alpine slow slope movement monitoring and detection with remote and proximal sensing

Funded by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano/South Tyrol (2016-2019)

PI: G. Cuozzo, EURAC Bolzano
Collaborators: K. Krainer, R. Seppi (University of Pavia), P. Pasquali (Sarmap SA), A. Mondini (Perugia) 

Economic aspects of rock glacier springs

Economic aspects of rock glacier springs in areas of metamorpic rocks in the Eastern Alps

Funded by Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management (BMLFUW) (2016-2019)

Collaborators: G. Winkler (Inst. für Erdwissenschaften, Universität Graz) and K. Krainer 

Limnogeological research in Chile

Process understanding in subaquatic paleoseismology:
Earthquake-triggered remobilization of surficial sediments at ocean margins and lacustrine basins

Funded by Nachwuchsförderung (NWF) – University of Innsbruck (2016-2018)

PI: J. Moernaut

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Research Activities and Expeditions

Limnogeological pilotstdy in Carinthia

Limnogeological Pilotstudy in Carinthia (April 2017):
A first exploration survey (reflection seismic and short gravity coring on Ossiachersee and Millstättersee) confirms these two lakes to reveal great paleo-archives to be explored in future research projects.

FS Sonne

R/V Sonne Expedition: to study Earthquake and Tsunami offshore Japan
(Oct 1 - Nov 2 2016):  Michael Strasser and Jasper Moernaut along with PhD student Tobias Schwestermann and 3 Master students of the University of Innsbruck will participate on the upcoming research cruise of the RV Sonne along the coast of Japan.
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coring on Saldursee

High Alpine Lake Coring (19-20 July 2016):
We participated in a piston coring campaign on two small mountain lakes in South-Tyrol (Lower Saldursee and Fischersee; Italy) in the framework of the EURAC project “CHANGE LAKE” led by Dr. Karin Koinig of the Institute of Ecology (UIBK). Initial data from core logging in our lab reveals strikingly different sediment characteristics depending if the inflowing rivers are glacier-fed or not.

Geopulse pinger

Equipment Test on Mondsee (Austria) in Winter Conditions (26-27 April 2016):
Despite many limnogeological investigations on Mondsee, there has been no reflection seismic data to put the sediment cores in a spatial context. We tested our brand-new Geopulse pinger system and acquired a dense survey grid, contributing to the FWF Beyond Lake Villages project (Dr. Jean-Nicolas Haas: Institute of Botany, University of Innsbruck) and the MSc thesis of Christoph Daxer.

Completed projects 

BBT Logo

Pilotstudie gesteinsphysikalisches Bohrkernlogging und 360º abgerollte Bohrkernphoto Scanning Bohrkernlogging.

Funded by BBT-SE (2016)

PI: Dr. Michael Strasser
Collaborators: Dr. Ulrich Burger (BBT-SE) and Georg Stückler (MSc-student, Univ. Innsbruck)

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New Mexico

Timing and syntectonic sedimentation of the Ancestral Rocky Mountain Orogeny, Pennsylvanian/Permian, New Mexico

Funded by the Funded by the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science (since 1999); K. Krainer was funded by the Austrian Science Foundation (FWF) (2008 – 2010)

PI: L. Spencer, New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science
Collaborators: K. Krainer, W. A. DiMichele (Smithsonian Institution), J. Barrick (Texas Tech University), D. Vachard (Université Lille)