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Daxer, C., Moernaut, J., Taylor, T., Haas J.N., Strasser, M., (in press). Late Glacial and Holocene sedimentary infill of Lake Mondsee (Eastern Alps, Austria) and historical rockfall activity revealed by reflection seismics and sediment core analysis. Austrian Journal of Earth Sciences, in press, link to manuscript

Sammartini, M., Moernaut, J., Anselmetti, F., Hilbe, M., Lindhorst, K., Preat, N., Strasser, M., (in press) An Atlas of Mass-Transport Deposits in Lakes, in Ogata et al., (eds) Submarine Landslides: Subaqueous Mass Transport Deposits from Outcrops to Seismic Profiles, AGU Books link to manuscript


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Strupler, M., Anselmetti, F.S., Hilbe, M., Strasser, M. (2018) Quantitative characterization of subaqueous landslides in Lake Zurich (Switzerland) based on a high-resolution bathymetric dataset. Geological Society of London, Special Publications, 477, doi:

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Ali, A., Wagreich, M., Strasser, M. (2018) Depositional constraints and diagenetic pathways controlling petrophysics of Middle Miocene shallow-water carbonate reservoirs (Leitha limestones), Central Paratethys, Austria-Hungary. Marine and Petroleum Geology 91, p.586-598 online article

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Moernaut, J., Van Daele, M., Fontijn, K., Heirman, K., Kempf, P., Pino,  M., Valdebenito, G., Urrutia, R., Strasser, M., De Batist, M. (2018) Larger earthquakes recur more periodically: New insights in the megathrust earthquake cycle from lacustrine turbidite records in south-central Chile. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 481, 9-19 online article

Strupler, M., Danciu, L., Hilbe, M., Kremer, K., Anselmetti, F.S., Strasser, M., Wiemer, S. (2018) A subaqueous hazard map for earthquake-triggered landslides in Lake Zurich, Switzerland. Natural Hazards 90, 1, 51-78 online article


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Kremer, K. ,Usman, M.O., Satoguchi, Y., Nagahashi, Y., Vadakkepuliyambatta, S., Panieri, G. and Strasser, M. (2017) Possible climate preconditioning on submarine landslides along a convergent margin, Nankai Trough (NE Pacific). Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 4, 20 online article

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Moernaut, J.
,  Wiemer, G.,  Reusch, A., Stark, N., De Batist, M., Urrutia, R., Ladrón de Guevara, B., Kopf, A., Strasser, M. (2017) The influence of overpressure and focused fluid flow on subaquatic slope stability in a formerly glaciated basin: Lake Villarrica (South-Central Chile). Marine Geology, 383, 35-54 online article 

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online article 

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PERMAFROST AND PERIGLACIAL PROCESSES 26/4, S. 347 - 359. online article

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