PhD Theses

Dr. Franz Reiter
Supervisor: Rainer Brandner

Active tectonics in front of the Adriatic indenter. December 2017 

(In collaboration with Univ.-Doz. Dr. Wolfgang Lenhardt, ZAMG, Vienna).

Dr. Markus Ribis
Supervisor: Karl Krainer

Geological-, hydrogeological and geochemical investigations of permafrost areas in the Ötztal Alps, Tyrol, Austria. December 2017

Master Theses

Sabine Pernreiter
Supervisor: Karl Krainer
Quaternary geology with the focus on permafrost or rockglaciers in the Karwendel mountains southwest of Karwendelhaus. 11.09.2017

Christoph Daxer
Supervisor: Michael Strasser

Postglacial Sedimentary Infill of LakeMondsee (Eastern Alps, Austria) and Rockfall Activity revealed by Reflection Seismics and Sediment-Core Analysis. 09.08.2017

(in collaboration with FWF Beyond Lake Villages project (Dr. Jean-Nicolas Haas: Institute of Botany, University of Innsbruck))

Mathias Pargger
Supervisor: Rainer Brandner

Mass movements and structural geology near Lienzer Klause, Osttirol. 16.12.2016

(in collaboration with Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christian Zangerl, BOKU, Wien)