PhD Theses

Dr. Franz Reiter
Supervisor: Rainer Brandner

Active tectonics in front of the Adriatic indenter. December 2017 

(In collaboration with Univ.-Doz. Dr. Wolfgang Lenhardt, ZAMG, Vienna).

Dr. Markus Ribis
Supervisor: Karl Krainer

Geological-, hydrogeological and geochemical investigations of permafrost areas in the Ötztal Alps, Tyrol, Austria. December 2017

Master Theses

Georg Stückler
Supervisor: Michael Strasser

Pilotstudy of physical examinations on hard rock drill cores and 360º unrolled image scanning of cores. (in collaboration with BBT-SE). October 2018

Federico Faoro
Supervisor: Rainer Brandner

Litho-, Chemo- and Magnetostratigraphy of the Werfen Formation, Dolomites and Carnic Alps. (Contribution to the International Geoscience Programme (IGCP) 572) October 2018

Dominik Jaeger
Supervisor: Michael Strasser

OH-defects in quartz as a provenancing tool for turbidite deposits
(in collaboration with Prof. Roland Stalder: Institute of Mineralogy and Petrology, University of Innsbruck) October 2018

Teresa Kogler
Supervisor: Karl Krainer

Geological and geomorphological mapping as well as water budget investigation on the Tuxer Hauptkamm. August 2018

Dominic Klackl
Supervisor: Karl Krainer

Water management investigations and quaternary geological mapping of rockglaciers in the Eastern Alps, Hochschober-Hütte, East Tyrol. July 2018

Fabian Gamper
Supervisor: Karl Krainer

Permafrost phenomena in the Ultental - shapes, genesis and effect on the morphological development of the area. July 2018

Ariana Molenaar
Supervisor: Jasper Moernaut

Earthquake-triggered remobilization of surficial sediments in Chilean lakes and offshore Japan. August 2018

Johannes Hildebrandt
Supervisor: Michael Strasser

Investigation of the hydrological water balance and discharge modelling of the Misljoch mass movement, Navis valley. 2018

(in collaboration with „die Wildbach“ of the department of Natural Hazards)

Aaron Rieder
Supervisor: Karl Krainer

Investigations of the permafrost and hydrogeology in the area of Ölgrube, Ötztal Alps, Tyrol. 2017

Daniel Trojok
Supervisor: Karl Krainer

Geological and geotechnical investigations of the Blankaspitze and modelling the range of rockfall blocks. 2017

Sabine Pernreiter
Supervisor: Karl Krainer
Quaternary geology with the focus on permafrost or rockglaciers in the Karwendel mountains southwest of Karwendelhaus. 11.09.2017

Christoph Daxer
Supervisor: Michael Strasser

Postglacial Sedimentary Infill of LakeMondsee (Eastern Alps, Austria) and Rockfall Activity revealed by Reflection Seismics and Sediment-Core Analysis. 09.08.2017

(in collaboration with FWF Beyond Lake Villages project (Dr. Jean-Nicolas Haas: Institute of Botany, University of Innsbruck))

Mathias Pargger
Supervisor: Rainer Brandner

Mass movements and structural geology near Lienzer Klause, Osttirol. 16.12.2016

(in collaboration with Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christian Zangerl, BOKU, Wien)

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