List of Publications


First author peer-reviewed publication

OSWALD, P., ORTNER, H., GRUBER, A. (2018): Deformation along a detached graben half-graben shoulder, Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria, Swiss Journal of Geosciences, 112, 1-15.


Conference proceedings publications

OSWALD, P., MOERNAUT, J., FABBRI, S., HILBE, M., BATIST DE, M., STRASSER, M. (2018): Unravelling the paleoseismological history of Achensee (Western Austria) combining on- and off-fault sublacustrine signatures. 9th International INQUA Workshop on Paleoseismology, Active Tectonics and Archeoseismology Proceedings, Thessaloniki.

FRANCO, A., GEMS, B., SCHNEIDER-MUNTAU, B., MOERNAUT, J., OSWALD, P., FABBRI, S., AUFLEGER, M., STRASSER, M. (2018): A multidisciplinary approach for landslide generated impulse waves assessment in natural mountain lakes from a cascade hazard analysis perspective, 20th Geoforum Umhausen.


Conference abstracts

OSWALD, P., HUANG, S J.-J., FABBRI, S., AUFLEGER, M., DAXER, C., STRASSER, M., MOERNAUT, J. (2020): Strong earthquakes as main trigger mechanism for large pre-historic rock slope failures in Western Tyrol (Austria, Eastern Alps). EGU 2020, Vienna.

OSWALD, P., PÖLL, J., HUANG, S J.-J., INNERHOFER, D., STRASSER, M., MOERNAUT, J. (2019): Investigating trigger mechanisms for Mid-to-Late Holocene landslide clustering in the Eastern Alps using the sedimentary infill of Piburgersee (Central Tyrol, Austria). EGU 2019, Vienna.

LIEBL, M., DAXER; C., OSWALD, P., MOLENAAR, A., SCHELLHORN, M., HUANG, S J.-J., INNERHOFER, D., STRASSER, M., MOERNAUT, J. (in press): Anatomy of a seismic seiche deposit: Traces of the AD 1755 Lisbon earthquake in the sediments of lake Hechtsee (Tyrol, Austria)? EGU 2019, Vienna.

OSWALD, P., DAXER, C., MOLENAAR, A., ORTLER, M., LIEBL, M., HUANG, HAMMERL, C., STRASSER, M., MOERNAUT, J. (2018): Lacustrine Paleoseismology in Tyrol and Carinthia: Establishing the first long-term earthquake records in Austria. PANGEO AUSTRIA 2018, Vienna.

MOERNAUT, J., DAXER, C., OSWALD, P., INNERHOFER, D., SCHELLHORN, M., OETTEL, L., ENNEMOSER, P., STRASSER, M. (2017): Lacustrine paleoseismology in the Austrian Alps: strategies for revealing the recurrence of local Mw5+ earthquakes and far-field Mw8+ events. International Meeting of Sedimentology, Toulouse.

OSWALD, P., ORTNER, H. (2017): Jurassic normal faulting controls deformation style during Alpine Orogeny, external Northern Calcareous Alps, Tyrol, Austria. 13th Workshop on Alpine Geological Studies, Zlatibor.

OSWALD, P., SIEBERER, A.-K., ORTNER, H. (2016): Testing a buckle fold model in the thrust belt of the western Northern Calcareous Alps. Annual Meeting DGGV- GeoTirol 2016, Innsbruck. (AWARDED: best student´s poster award)

OSWALD, P., SIEBERER, A.-K., ORTNER, H. (2016): Building a thrust belt with buckle folds: The Northern Calcareous Alps. 16th Symposium of Tectonics-Structural Geology-Crystalline Geology, Bonn.

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