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Curriculum Vitae

1990:  M. Sc., University of Innsbruck, Austria: Diploma thesis: "Geology and Sedimentology of the Western Muttekopf Gosau Basin"

1996: Ph. D., University of Innsbruck, Austria: Ph.D. thesis: "Deformation and Diagenesis of the Lower Inn Valley Tertiary between Rattenberg and Durchholzen"

2003: Habilitation, University of Innsbruck, Austria, Habilitationsschrift "Deformation of the Northern Calcareous through Alpine Orogeny - Brittle Structures and Synorogenic Sediments"

Research Interests:

Synorogenic Sediments: local and regional scale interaction of deformation and sedimentation, early (pre-lithification) deformation of sediments

current projects:
Fault rocks and alluvial sedimentation in the Abbruzzi Apennines

past projects:
Pilot study - early deformation in deep water sediments
Geometry and sequence of thrusting in the Subalpine Molasse of western Austria and Bavaria

key research area: Gosau Group at Muttekopf

Paleomagnetism in orogenic systems

past projects:
Large rotations in the Alps and their structural expression
Rotation of segments of the Northern Calcareous Alps

Regional Geology: Tectonic evolution of the western part of the Eastern Alps

current projects:
Geometry of thrust sheets of the western Northern Calcareous Alps, or, systematics of out-of-sequence thrusting
Geological map of the Karwendel mountains for the Austrian Geologica Survey

past projects:
ACoRE - B: Potential of deep Geothermics (alpS - GmbH)
Geological map of the Reit im Winkl and Seegatterl sheets for the Bavarian Geological Survey
Kinematics and Geochronology in the Rätikon mountains, Vorarlberg
Tectonics and diagenesis in Tertiary sediments of the Inn Valley
Geological map of the Brenner base tunnel north feeder: Triassic south of Inn valley

TectonicVB: A program for analysis of structural data (currently discontinued, last version running on MacOS 9.2; use SheepShaver to emulate MacOS 9 on the current MacOS X)

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