H. Kozur
Beiträge zur Conodontenfauna des Perm

GPM 5, 4, p. 1–44

4 new genera and subgenera and 9 new species and subspecies of Permian conodonts are described. Some stratigraphically impor-tant species and genera are revised. The conodont zonation of the Permian system is discussed. The Carboniferous-Permian boundary is drawn at the basis of the whitei zone. It coincides with the first appearance of the fusulinid genus Pseudoschwagerina, with the first appearance of Permian type corals (the primitive waagenophyllid Heritschia) and probably also with the first appearance of the Permian ammonoid genus Properrinites. This boundary is high in the Big Blue series of Kansas, but coincides with the basis of the Neal Ranch Formation of Texas, the basis of the Asselian (if the Asselian basis is exactly defined by the first appearance of Pseudoschwagerina) and with the basis of the Rattendorfer beds of the Carnic Alps.

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