H. Kozur &. H. Mostler
Beiträge zur Mikrofauna permotriadischer Schichtfolgen. Teil I: Conodonten aus der Tibetzone des Niederen Himalaya (Dolpogebiet, Westnepal)

GPM 3, 9, p. 1–23

The Permian-Triassic boundary is studied in Dolpo area (Tibetan Zone, Nepal) of the lower Himalaya Range.
The microfauna dissolved from limestone with acetic acid, is rich on well preserved conodonts only, in the Upper Permian strata they are poorly preserved.
The highest part of the Thini-Chu-Formation, strata with a typical microfauna of Permian age (Dorasham substage of Dzhulfa stage) are overlain by a sequence of Lower Triassic limestone, shale, sandy shale and marl 17 m to 30 m thick.
The conodont fauna of this sequence is described and the stratigraphical range of them is discussed; they belong to the higher Brahmanian stage (Gandarian substage) Jakutian and Olenekian stage.
A classification of Conodont-Zones (partly Assemblage Zones) of the Lower Triassic is prepared and an attempt of correlation with Ammonoid Zones is done.
A new genus and species is established, the genus Platyvillosus is revised.

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