H. Kozur
Beiträge zur Stratigraphie von Perm und Trias

GPM 3, 3 p. 1–31

The Zechstein limestone belongs to the Upper Capitanian (uppermost Guadalupian). Therefore, most of the Zechstein belongs to the Dzhulfian stage. The age of the Autunian and the Saxonian and some problems of the stratigraphy of the Tethyan Upper Permian are briefly discussed. The Olenekian/Anisian boundary is placed between the Keyserlingites subrobustus zone and the Acrochordiceras anodosum zone. The Lower Anisian ammonoid horizon of Chios (section CM II by BENDER 1970) marks the exact basis of the Lower Ansian. In ammonoid and conodont-bearing sediments the same ammonoid and conodont successions are worldwide recognizable. The Sevatic substage is divided into the Himavatites columbianus, Sagenites giebeli and Cochloceras suessi zones. The Rhaetian stage comprises the Choristoceras haueri and Choristoceras marshi zones. This Norian/Rhaetian boundary corresponds to the priority and is marked by a sharp break in the macrofaunas and microfaunas.

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