H. Kozur & R. Mock
Die Bedeutung der Trias-Conodonten für die Stratigraphie und Tektonik der Trias in den Westkarpaten

GPM 3, 2, p. 1–14 (15)

With the aid of conodonts the authors have demonstrated that the slightly metamorphous Meliata Series embedded under the Triassic complexes of the Slovakian Karst, which is, at the present time, generally considered to the Permian to Lower Triassic, is actually of Middle to Upper Triassic age and can be correlated with the Triassic of the Bükk Mountains. From this finding follow far-reaching tectonical conclusions, which are
discussed here in detail.
Subsequently, the great stratigraphie value of Triassic conodonts is documented by two cases from the West-Carpathians.
Finally, a new species of a stratigraphically valuable platform conodont Metapolygnathus misiki n. sp. is described.

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