H. Kozur &. H. Mostler
Beiträge zur Mikrofauna permotriadischer Schichtfolgen. Teil I: Conodonten aus der Tibetzone des Niederen Himalaya (Dolpogebiet, Westnepal)

GPM 3, 10, p. 1–32

The age of the fissure-fillings in the Hallstatt limestones of the Slowakian karst and the Salzkammergut (Austria) is discussed. In both cases the ages were determined as upper Sevatian Cochloceras suessi zone. The age of the fissure-fillings coincide with the transition between the Hallstatt limestones facies and the facies of the Zlambach marls. Germanotype movements in the uppermost Sevatian and Rhaetian caused higher relief energy and the deposition of more clastic sediments. By this the Hallstatt limestones facies ended. The same movements can be proved in the German Basin.
In an appendix some remarks to an anonymous paper by BYSTRICKY are given.

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