H. Mostler
Ein Beitrag zur Genese mitteltriassischer Crinoidenkalke im Gebiet von Reutte, Tirol (Nördliche Kalkalpen)

GPM 2, 5, p. 1–21 (19)

The middle Triassic crinoidal-lime stones of Reutte (Tirol) are products of a selection during transportation from skeleton elements. The biogenic components be descended from two characteristic associations of organisms.
1 ) Crinoids-bryozoans-Association
2) Brachiopods-echinoids-Association
All skeleton components of the both faunal associations will be encrusted by ?bluegreen algae in the last sedimentation area.
The rich microfauna, consisting of conodonts, holothurian-sclerites and foraminifera indicate the middle Anisic (Pelsonian) age of the crinoidal limestones.

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