G. Fuchs & H. Mostler
Der erste Nachweis von Fossilien (kambrischen Alters) in der Hazira-Formation, Hazara, Pakistan

GPM 2, 2, p. 1–12

Within the marly respectively calcareous dolomitic beds of the Hazira Formation there are sporadic phosphate layers rich in biogenic matter. Obviously they are replacement products, as all the organic remains are replaced by apatite.
The microfauna yielded by maceration indicates Cambrian age. The fossils cited below, according to present knowledge, point to Lower Cambrian age: Porifera (Archiasterella pentactina SDZUY, Allonnia tripodophora DORE and REID and "stauractine" archiasters; Calyptoptomatids (Hyolithes EICHWALD and orthothecids) and forms of doubtful systhematic position (Hyolithellus EICHWALD). Further there are forms probably belonging to the annelids (? Lapworthella COBBOLD, ? Rushtonia COBBOLI) and POCOCK).

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