H. Kozur
Einige Bemerkungen zur Systematik der Ostracoden und Beschreibung neuer Platycopida aus der Trias Ungarns und der Slowakei

GPM 2, 10, p. 1–27 (29)

A short abstract of a new suprageneric taxonomic system of the Ostracoda is given. The superorder Bradoriamorphes, Myodocopamorphes, and Podocopamorphes as well as the suborder Bairdiamorpha and the subfamily Trachycytherinae (Cytheruridae) are introduced. One new genus and 3 new species of Platycopida are described. The Bradoriida (Bradoriamorphes) are regarded as the ancestral order of all post-Cambrian Ostracoda. The Myodocopamorphes comprises the orders Myodocopa, Cladocopa, and Leperditiida. The Entomozocopina are reffered to the Cladocopida, because they are the ancestral forms of the Polycopidae. The Podocopamorphes comprises the orders Beyrichiida, Podocopida, and Platycopida. The Beyrichiida are restricted to the suborders Beyrichiomorpha, Hollinomorpha, and Binodicopina. The Kirkbyocopina are tentatively referred to the Podocopida which encloses furthermore the suborders Cytherocopina and Cypridocopina. Some superfamilies of Cytherocopina are introduced. The Cypridocopina endloses the Cypridacea, Bairdiocypridacea, Mycrocypridacea, Darwinulacea, Healdiacea, Thlipsuracea, and Quasillitacea, but not the Bairdiacea for which the new suborder Bairdiamorpha was introduced.

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