H. Mostler
Ophiurenskelettelemente (äussere Skelettanhänge) aus der alpinen Trias

GPM 1, 9, p. 1–35

Ophiuroid skeleton elements are quite frequent in microfaunes found in Triassic carbonate rocks. Ophiuroid spines are particularly abundant and their great variety in forms is highly striking in the Anisian and Norian. Apart from the spines also hooks play an important role. The hooks, however, were not discussed in detail and a denomination was not attempted. The rarely occuring tentacle scales were only mentioned - two Triassic forms are illustrated.
The ophiuroid spines could be subdivided into 13 major groups: 6 of these only occur on the lateral shields (less frequently on dorsal shields); 4 are located only on the dorsal side of the disc. Three further groups can be found on the tentacles as well as on the disc.
Special attention has been paid to the specific characteristics of the ophiuroid spines, echinoid spines, asteroid pedicellaria and asteroid spines in order to avoid misinterpretation of these partly very similar skeleton elements. A discussion on the taxonomic value of ophiuroid spines concludes this monography.

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