E. Krauter
Zur Genese rauhwackiger Breccien der alpinen Trias an Beispielen aus der Schweiz und Österreich

GPM 1, 7, p. 1–12 (11)

The rauhwacke-like breccias of the Alpine Triassic are cellular cavernous within the weathering zone and are mostly found in a series of limestones, sandy limestones, marly limestones, dolomites and conglomerates. They originate predominantly by sedimentation, resedimentation and during diagenesis. Locally they are
strongly deformed by tectonic movements. During tectonical compression they partly react as plastic-flowing material and therefore frequently form the lubricating layer of overthrusts. By this procedure scraps of rocks of under- and overlying beds were impressed or/and competent layers smashed within the "Rauhwacken-Serie". The cavernous habitus is primarely caused by mecanical "outweathering" of certain dolomite-fragments.

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