H. Kozur
Die Bairdiacea der Trias. Teil II: Skulpturierte Bairdiidae aus mitteltriassischen Tiefschelfablagerungen

GPM 1, 5, p. 1–21

All fossil and recent sculpturated Bairdiidae, hitherto known, are typical shallow water ostracodes from tropical or subtropical seas. In the Triassic, most species derive also from beds which are regarded as deposited in warm shallow water. In deep shelf to bathyal deposits of the Illyrian of Hungary (Felsöörs, Bakony-Highland) some sculpturated Bairdiidea of the genus Triebelina VAN DEN BOLD were found. These are the only sculpturated Bairdiidae from deep water deposits, hitherto known. These species are quite different from the shallow water forms of the same age. In general, they are smaller and have no or weak "bairdopillate" or similar structures. 8 new species and subspecies are described. The breaks in continuity of development of the microfauna and microflora at the Permian/Triassic- and Norian/Rhaetian-boundary are briefly discussed.

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