G. Bunza & H. Kozur
Beiträge zur Ostracodenfauna der tethyalen Trias

GPM 1, 2, p. 1–76

The present paper is divided into two parts. In part I (BUNZA & KOZUR), the new genus Mockella and 4 new species and subspecies are described from the Carnian limestone-dolomite-series of the Raible Beds at Scholastika (Achensee, Tirol) and from the Upper Norian "Plattenkalk". The biofazies of a thin bed within the Carnian limestone-dolomite-series is discussed.
In part II (KOZUR), the new family Kerocytheridae, 12 new genera and subgenera, and 41 new species and subspecies are described. Most of them belong to the superfamily Cytheracea BAIRD.

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