H. Mostler
Holothuriensklerite aus anisischen, karnischen und norischen Hallstätterkalken

GPM 1, 1, p. 1–30

From Anisian and Norian "Hallstatt limestones" 31 new speeies of Holothurian selerites are deseribed whieh belong to 14 genera and 7 families. 3 of the new genera were newly established: Ramusites n. gen., Curvatella n. gen. and Solopedatus n. gen. A considerable number of the above genera are of stratigraphie importance.
For the first time also aberrant resp. rarely occurring forms are introduced and discussed in this paper. A denomination of these selerites was not carried out as these forms cannot be used for systematic purposes nor do they offer advantage of any kind in connection with the elarifieation of stratigraphie problems.
The great abundance of Holothurian sclerites in the Norian "Hallstatt limestones" and here especially the variety of different forms enable a comparison of these forms with sclerites from reeent marine depOsits of different areas. Above all a striking correspondence of these sclerites from the "Hallstatt limestones" with those of recent subtropical marine areas was noticed.

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