H. Mostler
Mikrofaunen aus dem Unter-Karbon vom Hindukusch

GPM 1, 12, p. 1–19

The microfauna of limestone sampies from Dasht-i-Nawar Valley (eastern part of central Afghanistan) was studied.
More than 300 specimens of holothurian sclerites have been extracted from acidic residues of fenestellid brachiopods bearing limestone of mississippian age (the stratigraphic position of this limestone is determined with conodonts). 10 genera belonging to 7 families) and 14 species are described; one new genus and 15 new species are recognized.
Skeleton elements of Ophiurians and Echinids are quite frequenly found in this microfauna. Special attention has been paid to ophiuroid spines. The other elements of microfauna (agglutinate foraminifera, sponge spicules, fenestellid brachiopods, gastropods, ostracodes, crinoids, fish remains and conodonts) were not discussed in detail.

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