H. Mostler
Häufigkeit und Bedeutung von Schwammspiculae in triassischen Mikrofaunen

GPM 1, 11, p. 1–19

Triassic carbonate rocks, especially from alpine Triassic, are rich on sponge spicules, at which calcareous spicules are predominating. Spicules in 70% found of all dissolved limestone samples. There is no stratigraphie value for calcareous spicules, only the siliceous spicules seem to be important. Three assemblages of SiO2 spicules play an important role in middle Anisian (Pelson) in the lower Carnian (Langobard) and higher Norian ("Sevat").
The sponge spicules of the alpine Triassic could be subdivided in 49 spiculae types. A discussion on the relationship of spicules to the natural system units of porifera concludes this study.

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