H. Kozur & H. Mostler
Holothurien-Sklerite und Conodonten aus der Mittel- und Obertrias von Köveskal (Balatonhochland, Ungarn)

GPM 1, 10, p. 1–36

Near Koeveskal (Balaton-highland, Hungary) a limestone section of middle and higher triassic (Fassan Cordevol), was studied.
In the section we found Ammonites, pelecypods (Daonella), and a rich microfauna. The rock types (similar to Hallstätter limestone) are described as mainly having been deposited in depths of 100-50 metres.
The microfauna, dissolved from limestone with acetic acid is rich on conodonts and holothurian sclerites; other important microfossils of this section are: Radiolaria, foraminifera and crinoidea (Roveacrinida). Conodonts and holothurian-sclerites set an excellent limit between the higher ladinian (Langobard) and lower carnian (Cordevol).
A discussion on the stratigraphie value of conodonts and holothurian sclerites of the whole section (in the systematic part of holothurian sclerites 25 species belonging to 6 families and 10 genera are described; 7 species are new) concludes this lecture.

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