Field Trip 9

Remnants of hyper-extended rifted margins in the Alps: implications for the formation and reconstruction of Alpine type orogens

Gianreto Manatschal, Geoffroy Mohn


Alpine Rifting

The field trip will focus on the tectonic evolution of the Adriatic and European margins preserved in the Alps of SE Switzerland. During the three excursions of the trip, different parts of the ancient margins will be visited. The field trip will start in the proximal margin, were classical fault bounded rift structures are preserved in the Il Motto/Livigno area (Excursion 1). The following excursions will visit the Ocean Continent Transition exposed in the Tasna nappe (Excursion 2), and the distal margin and Ocean Continent Transition exposed in the Err and Platta nappes (and the syn-rift sedimentary system exposed in the Err nappe) (Excursion 3). On all three excursions, exceptional outcrops can be observed that preserve the former rift structures and their primary relationship to the sediments on a seismic scale (km-scale). The excursions will be followed by discussions in which the observations made in the field will be compared with drill-hole and geophysical data from the Iberia/Newfoundland conjugate margin system (data provided by the organizer). The implications of these observations for the restoration of the Alpine system will be discussed.

3 days field trip


Physical requirements:
Moderate mountain hike with whole day walks (intermitted by outcrop descriptions). Easy accessibly for everybody that can walk on mountain paths.

Complete hiking gear required, warm and waterproof clothing recommended.

By minibus, from and to Innsbruck

Hotel in Zernez

Number of participants:
minimum 14, maximum 24

29.09.2016  8:00 . Innsbruck, Bus parking area behind SOWI building

01.10.2016 evening.  Innsbruck, Bus parking area behind SOWI building

350 € (including bus transfer from/to Innsbruck, accommodation)

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