Field Trip 8

Innsbruck's geology in a nutshell -
from the Hafelekar to the Hötting Breccia


 Karl Krainer, Michael Meyer, Diethard Sanders

Field trip guide (pdf)



The Hafelekarspitze north of Innsbruck, easily accessible by cable car, provides an excellent overview of the main geologic units around Innsbruck. In the summit area, a Triassic reef is well exposed. On the way back, outcrops of the famous Pleistocene „Höttinger Breccia“ will also be visited.

1/2 day trip

Physical requirements:
Ascent to 2256 m by cable car. Walk on mostly comfortable but partly narrow trails in high alpine setting. Surefootedness required!

Sturdy shoes or hiking boots, mountain clothes and rain protection. Bring a packed lunch.

By cable car

Number of participants:
maximum 25

25.09.2016  9:00 . Innsbruck, Hungerburgbahn station "Congress Innsbruck" (Rennweg 3; five minute walk from congress venue)

25.09.2016 ca. 15:00.  Innsbruck, Hungerburgbahn station "Congress Innsbruck"

21 € (including cable car ticket)

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