Field Trip 6 - Exkursion der Bodenseetagung

Engineering Geology - Current hydroelectric power projects and deep-seated rockslides in the surroundings of large dam reservoirs

Klaus Schretter, Michael Holzmann



Participants can expect an entertaining journey of discovery through the world of electricity industry and gain an insight into actual hydroelectric power projects. The program focusses on the issues of the sensible use of energy for today and tomorrow, planned power plant expansions, as well as environmental and climate aspects. In addition, the excursion includes a visit to four comprehensively investigated and monitored rockslides along the Gepatsch reservoir, operated by TIWAG. The deep-seated rockslides are composed of several individual slabs showing variable activity from zero to a few centimetres per year, and are under supervision. In the framework of this excursion the geological and geotechnical situation of these case studies are presented whereby a visit to two exploration drifts built for investigation and monitoring are part of the program.
1 day excursion

Physical requirements:
Easy walk on roads, trails and in tunnels.

Good footwear, warm clothes, rain protection, helmet and headlight (if available).

By bus, from and to Innsbruck

Number of participants:
minimum 15, maximum 25

25.09.2016  8:00 . Innsbruck, Bus parking area behind SOWI building

25.09.2016 18:00.  Innsbruck, Bus parking area behind SOWI building

40 € (including bus transfer from/to Innsbruck, handouts, lunch is sponsored by TIWAG)

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