Field Trip 5

Snow-transported rock avalanche of 2012 (Northern Calcareous Alps): implications for prehistoric counterparts

Diethard Sanders, Thomas Sausgruber, Alexander Preh

Field trip guide (pdf)



In 2012, a 75,000 m³ rockfall onto snow-covered talus generated a distinct type of rapid, long-runout massflow of pure avalanche snow carrying the rockfall-produced scree piggyback. In the same area, fossil rock avalanche deposits show features similar to the 2012 event. The characteristics of 'two-layer' snow/scree avalanche transport, and its implications for hazard assessment and landform interpretation are discussed.

Physical requirements:
Walk on trails in mountain terrain (1600 m asl. max), 400 m altitude displacement.

Catering for lunch, hiking gear and rain protection.

By Mini bus, from and to Innsbruck

not required

Number of participants:
minimum 6, maximum 15

25.09.2016  8:30 . Innsbruck, Bus parking area behind SOWI building

25.09.2016 ~18:00.  Innsbruck, Bus parking area behind SOWI building

40 €

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