Field Trip 15

Brenner Base Tunnel: Tulfes Pfons construction lot

Andrea Lussu, Heimo Schierl

Field trip guide (pdf)




The excavation of the Brenner Base Tunnel is divided into multiple construction lots. In the northernmost lot, known as Tulfes - Pfons, several tunnels are being driven at the same time using various excavation methods.

The emergency tunnel  (running parallel to the existing Innsbruck bypass), two connecting tunnels, and the first parts of the main tubes are being excavated by blasting, whereas the Ahrental - Pfons stretch of the exploratory tunnel is being excavated with a tunnel boring machine (TBM).

During the visit to the construction site, there will be a general overview of the project and a more specific presentation will be given of the Tulfes - Pfons construction lot. The geological peculiarities of the tunnel driven through the Innsbruck quartz phyllites will be described in detail, after which there will be a tour of the construction lot and of the drill-and-blast excavations.

Construction progress BBT

1/2 day excursion

Physical requirements:
We will have short walks up to one hour on forest roads and trails.

Good footwear and rain equipment is  mandatory. Safety equipment for the tunnel provided by BBT-SE. Bring a packed lunch.

By bus, from and to Innsbruck

Number of participants:
minimum 15, maximum 20

29.09.2016  9:00 . Innsbruck, Bus parking area behind SOWI building

29.09.2016 14:00.  Innsbruck, Bus parking area behind SOWI building

30 €

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