Sunday, 25 September

Icebreaker (18:00 - ~21:00, at the venue)
Please register online, snacks and two drinks are included in the conference fee


Monday, 26 September


Assambly FS Sedi/SEPM-CES  (12:00 - 13:00 SR01)


Plenary lecture by Gregor Eberli and ÖGG Award Eduard-Suess medal to Werner Piller (13:00 - 14:30, Sowi Aula)
Gregor Eberli, University of Miami:
Carbonates as faithful recorders of sea level and ocean currents


Opening Event and public lecturer by Konrad Bergmeister (from 19:00, Sowi Aula)
Greetings by Deputy Governor Josef Geisler followed by a public lecture by Konrad Bergmeister, CEO of BBT-SE:
Brenner Basistunnel - von der Geologie bis zum Tunnelbau


Tuesday, 27 September

General assambly Österreichische Paläontologische Gesellschaft ÖPG  (12:00 - 13:00, HS3)


Plenary lecture by Stefan Schmid and DGGV Award Gustav-Steinmann medals to André Freiwald and Brian Windley (13:00 - 14:30 Sowi Aula)
Stefan Schmid, ETH Zürich:
The Alps as a part of the Mediterranean collision zone from a geological-geophysical perspective


Panel discussion ÖGG2020 (17:30 - 19:00 HS1)
Chair: Mathias Bichler (Junge ÖGG and GBA)
The plenary discussion shall provide a platform to all members of the Austrian Geological Society (ÖGG) to express their vision of a modern ÖGG. Participants are invited to bring in ideas about how the ÖGG could develop in the near and middle-term future and to propose new paths and aims of the society.
The session is open to everybody (members and non-members of the ÖGG). The discussion will be held in German.


General assembly DGGV  (17:30 - 19:00 Kaiser Leopold Saal Theologie)


Conference Dinner (19:00 - 24:00, Salzlager Hall)
The conference dinner will take place in the SALZLAGER, an industrial monument and event location in Hall, close to Innsbruck. The oldest sections of Hall's Salzlager date back to 1822, the warehousing facilities could store up to 3,400 tonnes of salt from the town's salt works. From 1995-97, the Salzlager was transformed into an event venue by architect Hanno Schlögl, who was charged with retaining the historical character of the industrial building.
Please register online. The fee includes transport from/to Innsbruck by bus and dinner. Please have a look at the map for the bus stop.


Wednesday, 28 September

Plenary lecture by Nele Meckler, DGGV Hans-Cloos Awards to Tobias Goldhammer and Andreas Hoppe, DFG Bernd-Rendel Awards to Max Frenzel and Andreas Hubert Schweiger (13:00 - 14:30, Sowi Aula)
Nele Meckler, University of Bergen  (young scientist plenary speaker):
Clumped isotope thermometry as new tool for palaeoceanography


Forum: GeoThermal systems, heat- and gas-storage (15:45 - 16:45, HS3)
Chair: Hans-Gert Linzer (RAG-Energy), Birgit Müller (KIT Karlsruhe), Frank Schilling (KIT Karlsruhe)
Predicting subsurface reservoir quality is the main challenge in drilling economic geothermal wells or storage wells. Reservoir quality is also a key issue of injection wells to avoid high injection pressures with risk of induced seismicity. What are the research needs for geothermal reservoir prediction and environmentally safe artificial reservoir improvement?

Closing event and DGGV Poster Awards (16:45, Sowi Aula)


General assembly Österreichische Vereinigung für Hydrogeologie ÖVH (18:00, HS1)

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