Bernhard Fügenschuh
Foreword to the Geo.Alp Field Trip volumene

Geo.Alp 13, 2016, p. 5

Dear participants of the GeoTirol 2016 in Innsbruck, From last year’s conference in Berlin, the DGGV meeting for this year has moved right into the Alps. The conference city of Innsbruck is located on one of the most interesting structural transects across the Alps where intense and persistent orogenic deformation juxtaposes major fault zones and different tectonostratigraphic units within a small geographic area. In this setting, field-based geologists of earlier days such as Otto Ampferer, but also petrographers investigating the fabric of rocks such as Bruno Sander, found an excellent substrate to develop their ideas. For both, Ampferer and Sander, mountain building essentially meant movement from grain- to ‘plate-’ scale. Together with a few contemporary Earth scientists, from his extensive field mapping, Otto Ampferer foresaw most of the key aspects of the later concept of plate tectonics. The GeoTirol 2016 meeting thus might also be viewed as an undercover continuation of the year’s motto “Dynamic Earth – from Alfred Wegener to today and beyond”. Aware of the peculiar geological position of Innsbruck, we strived to offer a diversified program of field trips that cover many aspects of Earth Sciences – of course centered on the Alps – from metamorphic basement via basin development and orogeny to Quaternary depositional dynamics, Natural Hazards, and Applied Geology. On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to welcome you in Innsbruck, and hope you find pleasure in partaking in one or perhaps even more of the excursions.

Bernhard Fügenschuh,
Convener of GeoTirol 2016 DGGV meeting (hosting Pangeo and Bodenseetagung)
Institute of Geology,
University of Innsbruck,

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