Sandra B. Weiss
Ami Boué: Hamburgischer Patrizier – Kosmopolit – Naturforscher. Pionier der österreichischen Geologie

Geo.Alp 11, 2014, p. 275–284

The Austrian scientist Ami Boué (1794 - 1881) was a geologist and a geographer. He was born on March 16th 1794 in Hamburg and a descendant from a Huguenot family from Bergerac (Dordogne). His greatgrandfather Jacques Chapeaurouge moved to Hamburg in 1705 and became owner of a shipping company. His family offered Ami Boué a comfortable childhood and a life as a private scholar. Ami received education in Hamburg and Geneva. Later he studied medicine and natural sciences in Edinburgh, Paris, Berlin and Vienna.

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