Christian Pott & Michael Krings
Gymnosperm Foliage from the Upper Triassic of Lunz, Lower Austria: an annotated check list and identifiation key

Geo.Alp 7, 2010, p. 19-38

The famous Lunz flora from Lower Austria is one of the richest and most diverse Late Triassic floras of the Northern Hemisphere. The historical outcrops (mainly coal mines) are no longer accessible, but showy fossils can still be collected from natural exposures around the town of Lunz-am-See and from several of the old spoil tips. This paper presents an annotated check list with characterisations of all currently recognised gymnosperm foliage taxa in the Lunz flora. The descriptions are exemplified by illustrations of typical specimens and diagnostic features of the leaf morphology and epidermal anatomy. Moreover, a simple identification key for the taxa based on macromorphological features is provided that facilitates identification of newly collected specimens.

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