Santi, G.
Lower Permian palaeoichnology from the Orobic basin (Northern Italy)

Geo.Alp 2, 2005, p. 77–90

The Lower Permian palaeoichnofauna of the South-Alpine region comes from the Collio Formation only, and mainly crops out in the Orobic and Trompia basins. It consists of traces of vertebrates (amphibians and reptiles) and invertebrates (insects, arthropods, burrowing, probable myriapods, gastropods, freshwater jellyfishes, conchostraceans and freshwater bivalves). It is poor in taxa and similar to the coeval ichnoassociation of Central Europe, N. America and Argentina. Inside the trophic pyramid relevant to the biodiversity of the lower unit of the Collio Fm., the top carnivore is absent. This role is partially occupied by reptiles (e.g. araeoscelids) having features similar to true lizards. Shifting from the sediments of the lower part of the Collio Formation to the upper part, impoverishment of the ichnocoenosis composition is linked either to a climatic shift (from more humid towards drier), or to tectonic activity that prevented the persistence of biotope formation. The Upper Permian uplift marks a strong ichnofaunistic change with the introduction of Triassic components.

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