The Bachelor's program in Earth Sciences lasts 6 semesters and includes modules totaling 180 ECTS points. Of these, a total of 60 ECTS points must be completed in free electives, subject-specific electives and your independent research work within the framework of two bachelor theses.



The curriculum covers a wide range of topics. The first semester provides a foundation in the natural sciences and also offers a first glimpse of the topics that await you in the further course of your studies. These include exciting research fields from geology and mineralogy as well as applied topics from economics and technology such as hydrogeology, engineering geology and materials science.

The last year of study is designed for maximum flexibility. This allows you to specialize according to your individual interests, whether in a research area that you particularly like or through an internship in a geoscientific company.

The complete version of the curriculum can be found here.


The general language of instruction is German. However, in the context of various courses, it is important that you have regular contact with English as a technical language and thus also get the best prerequisites for an international career.

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