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Innsbruck Summer School of Alpine Research 2015

Terms and Conditions


Registration is complete as soon as the full payment of the registration charge has been paid and the confirmation letter of the participant’s institution has been sent.

Attending the summer school is allowed only after registration has been completed.

The amount to be paid is 375 €

Terms of Payment

The registration charge is due before 13.2.2015. It is payable by bank transfer or by debit card directly via online-registration and -payment. If payment and confirmation letter are not received in time the registration is cancelled.

Terms of Cancellation

A cancellation of participation after payment is not possible. No refund can be made if participants drop out, for whatever reason that lie within the sphere of the individual participant. The same holds true for participants who are expelled for violating the course rules.

Change of service

The Innsbruck Summer School of Alpine Research 2015 reserves the right to change hours, days and rooms, as well as the courses offered, provided that these changes are minor and justified.

Certificates and Confirmation or Participation

After the summer school has been completed, the participants receive a certificate or a confirmation of participation, provided that minimal class attendance reached. Conditions are:

  • for a certificate: attendance of at least 80 per cent of total course time and the fullfilment of the course requirements
  • for a confirmation of participation: attendance of at least 70 per cent of total course time

Course materials

Course materials are not included in the course fees.


Every participant must see to any kind of insurance (health insurance, accident insurance and liability insurance).

Course Rules

Students must not be accompanied by other people or pets.


The Innsbruck Summer School of Alpine Research 2015 is not liable for loss of or damage to the students' personal belongings as well as for the materials provided, except for gross negligence.


The Innsbruck Summer School of Alpine Research 2015 reserves the right to change the programme in case of misprints or mistakes. Students' right to appeal against a change on the basis of error is not infringed by such a decision.

House Rules and Regulations

Class attendance is subject to the House Rules and Regulations set by the University of Innsbruck and the Obergurgl University Center.

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