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Day 1: Friday, September 11, 1998
Innsbruck - Frankfurt - San Francisco - Salinas
       No Special Aspects, but a Special Day
       Jet Stream
       The American Southwest

Day 2: Saturday, September 12, 1998
       Salinas - Monterey - Carmel - Salinas
       Monterey, Royal Presidio Chapel
       Coastal Fog
       Settlement History of the American Southwest (I): American Indians
       Settlement History of the American Southwest (II): The Spanish Influence
       Territorial Development of California
       Monterey, the Old Historic Center
       Settlement History of the American Southwest (III):
            The Anglo-Americans and the Russians
       Monterey, Fisherman's Wharf
       John Steinbeck
       Major Geomorphological Regions of the Southwest
       Coast Ranges
       Characteristic Physical Conditions of the Monterey Peninsula
       Seventeen-Mile Drive
       "Salad Bowl" of Salinas

Day 3: Sunday, September 13, 1998
Salinas - Silicon Valley - San Francisco
       Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park
       "Fog Drip"
       Redwoods and Environmentalists in California
       Silicon Valley: Stages of Development
       The Technology Boom and its Effects
       The Founding of Stanford University
       Stanford University: Facts and Figures (1998)
       Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC)
       The San Andreas System

Day 4: Monday, September 14, 1998
San Francisco
       Urban Development in San Francisco
       Key Data on San Francisco's History
       The Neighborhoods of San Francisco
       Two Mayors and San Francisco's Liberal Image
       The Cultivated Quarter

Day 5: Tuesday, September 15, 1998
San Francisco - Oakland - Berkeley (Bay Area)
       Oakland, Asiatown
       Oakland Asian Cultural Center
       Economic Importance of the San Francisco Bay Area
       California Demographics: Development and Distribution
       Berkeley, Venture Capital and The Big Network
       The University of California at Berkeley
       The University System in the United States

Day 6: Wednesday, September 16, 1998
San Francisco - Sacramento - Coloma - Donner-Pass - South Lake Tahoe
       Central Valley
       Agriculture in California
       Coloma, Gold Country
       Sierra Nevada
       Lake Tahoe Region

Day 7: Thursday, September 17, 1998
South Lake Tahoe - Bridgeport - Bodie - Mammoth Lakes
       The Tahoe Basin
       Lake Tahoe and Environmental Initiatives
       South Lake Tahoe
       Basin and Range Region
       California's Climate
       Vegetation of America's Southwest - a Reflexion of its Climates
       Bodie Historic State Park

Day 8: Friday, September 18, 1998
Mammoth Lakes - Yosemite Valley - Mammoth Lakes
       Yosemite National Park
       The National Park Idea
       Granite Weathering
       Bears in Yosemite

Day 9: Saturday, September 19, 1998
Mammoth Lakes - Mammoth Mountain - Mono Lake - Mammoth Lakes
       Mammoth Lakes and Mammoth Mountain
       Mammoth Lakes/Mountain Facts
       Problems of the Ski Resort
       Mono Lake

Day 10: Sunday, September 20, 1998
Mammoth Lakes - Bishop - Stovepipe Wells Village (Death Valley)
       Owens Valley
       The Challenge of Water Supply - Los Angeles Aqueduct
       Alluvial Fans
       Executive Order 9066
       Dunes of Stovepipe Wells/Death Valley
       Formation of Dunes

Day 11: Monday, September 21, 1998
Stovepipe Wells Village - Furnace Creek - Pahrump - Las Vegas
       Stovepipe Wells
       Zabriskie Point
       Christian B. Zabriskie
       Dante's View
       Death Valley and the Gold Rush
       Devil's Golf Course
       Nevada and Las Vegas
       Nevada History
       Development of Las Vegas since 1900

Day 12: Tuesday, September 22, 1998
Las Vegas
       Las Vegas
       Slot-Machines - a High-Tech Computer with Deceptively-Traditional Looks
       Las Vegas Gambles on Changing its Image
       Theme Restaurants
       Austrian Engineering Know-How on the Strip

Day 13: Wednesday, September 23, 1998
Las Vegas - St. George - Colorado City - Las Vegas
       St. George, the Modern Mormon Town
       The Mormon Religion: Foundation and Expansion
       Synopsis of Mormon Belief
       Religious Freedom in the United States
       Hurricane Fault and Colorado Plateau
       Colorado City - an Orthodox Mormon Settlement
       Economic Aspects of Mormon Life
       Multi-Purpose Benefits of the Colorado River - Hoover Dam, Lake Mead
       The Grand Canyon National Park Area
       National Park Future

Day 15: Friday, September 25, 1998
Seligman - Hualapai Hilltop - Supai Village
       The Native-American Population in the U.S.

Day 16: Saturday, September 26, 1998
Supai Village - Kingman - Laughlin
       Territorial Development of Indian Reservations in Arizona
       Indians and Casinos
       Havasupai Indian Reservation

Day 17: Sunday, September 27, 1998
Laughlin - Blythe - Calexico/Mexicali (Mexico)
       Black Mesa Mine
       Willow Valley
       "Snowbirding" and Retirement Communities
       The Geriatric Gypsies of Slab City
       Water Problems in Southern California
       Colorado River Water Distribution
       Giant Dunes
       Calexico and Mexicali

Day 18: Monday, September 28, 1998
Calexico - Salton Sea - Calexico
       The U.S.-EU Dispute Over Hormones
       Imperial Valley and Coachella Valley
       Salton Sea
       Salton Sea: Facts and Figures - Environmental Hazards
       Oasis Date Garden
       Date Production in California
       Coachella Valley Water District (CVWD)
       Problems of the U.S.-Mexican Border in California
       Crossing the U.S.-Mexican Border - a Deadly Undertaking
       Hispanics in California

Day 19: Tuesday, September 29, 1998
Calexico - San Diego - Los Angeles - Santa Monica
       Calexico - Los Angeles
       Los Angeles
       Development of L.A.'s Motion Picture Industry
       The Development of Los Angeles
       Immigration and Foreign Born-Population
       L.A.: Looking Upbeat again at the End of the Decade
       Ethnic Profile of Los Angeles

Day 20: Wednesday, September 30, 1998
Santa Monica - Los Angeles - Frankfurt - Innsbruck
       Santa Monica

Appendix: Conversion Table