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Sierra Nevada and Neighboring Regions.
Log Report of a Field Trip
(September 11 - October 1, 1998)

Ernst Steinicke & Leopold Stollwitzer (ed.)

Ever since "North America" became a focal point of regional studies at the Department of Geography, University of Innsbruck, the U.S. has been a primary destination of the Institute's field trip programs. As early as 1992, our Institute conducted an excursion to the Southwest. In 1996, students from our Department explored the Northwest, including Western Canada. In the summer semester of 1998 our geography students zeroed in on the Southwest again, this time focusing more specifically on the California region per se. Moreover, it was a goal of the 1998 California excursion to provide a handy trip report in published form.

The present volume # 9, entitled "California: Sierra Nevada and Neighboring Regions. Log Report of a Field Trip" constitutes yet another sequel of field trip accounts published by "inngeo - Innsbrucker Materialien zur Geographie." It is the first time that a single volume of this series, which presents excursion reports as well as significant graduation theses submitted at the Department of Geography, is available in English. The publishers hope that this will help increase the international readership of "inngeo" editions.

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