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Workshop "Desirable tourism futures in Khumbu & Mustang"

 On the 13th February 2020 we used this workshop to reflect togehter with stakeholders from the Khumbu and Mustang on past and present challenges, opportunities as well as emerging issues on tourism development in mountain regions.

The intended aims of the workshop were:

  • raising awareness of present and future problems for the tourism industry in both regions;
  • identifying challenges and opportunities, problems and solutions;
  • reflecting on desirable tourism futures and practical steps towards it;
  • sharing of knowledge, best practice and experiences between participants of both regions.

We welcome honourable guests such as Dr. Dhananjay Regmi (CEO Nepal Tourism Board) and Prof. Sanjay Nepal (University of Waterloo), a well-known tourism specialist.

The morning starts with a panel discussion including Nepal Tourism Board, Mr. Tripple P. Gurung (entrepreneur), Ms. Laxmi Gurung (entrepreneur, Mustang), and Mr. Laxman Adhikari (political representative, Khumbu – tbc) and Mr. Ashish Shrestha (HoneyGuide) on general issues of mountain tourism.

The afternoon will focus on interactive discussion sessions in small groups touching on topics such as: Tourism Development: New products, changing trends and patterns; Natural Hazards: Impacts on accessibility, settlements, attractions.

We invite local tourism entrepreneurs and stakeholders from Solukhumbu and Mustang region to discuss key trends, challenges and opportunities for tourism development.

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