Master’s Thesis on Road Construction, Tourism, and Livelihood in Manang, Nepal


Due to thematic proximity with the TourRES project, the thesis of Clemens Rossmanith is briefly introduced in this Blog. The study deals with the impacts of a road construction project on livelihoods in Manang, a village on 3550 m in the eastern part of the Annapurna Conservation Area. Special emphasis was placed on the effects on the tourism enterprises and their adaption to the changed circumstances. Furthermore, the effects of road construction on landslide activity and poverty alleviation were analysed. Field work was carried out in three months from August to October 2017.



Manang village (3500m) with surrounding fields in the arid Nyishang valley (by Clemens Rossmanith)



Prayer wheels in Manang (by Clemens Rossmanith)



Recent landslide in the lower parts of the Manang road (by Clemens Rossmanith)



Peasant woman in Manang in front of her field of buckwheat (by Clemens Rossmanith)




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