Storylines of Socio-Economic and Climatic drivers for Land use and their hydrological impacts in Alpine Catchments

Study area

As study area a catchment-ensemble was chosen in order to answer the research questions for different spatial scales. The figure below shows the catchment Brixentaler Ache (322 km², discharge gauge at Bruckhäusl) with the adjacent subcatchments of the Kelchsauer Ache (134 km², discharge gauge at Hörbrunn), the Windauer Ache (82 km², discharge gauge at Unterwindau) and the Brixenbach (9 km², discharge gauge at Brixen im Thale). These runoff gauges as well as several precipitation gauges are operated by the Hydrographic Service of Tyrol.

The study area is located in the communities Kirchbichl, Wörgl (both in the district Kufstein), Itter, Hopfgarten im Brixental, Westendorf, Brixen im Thale and Kirchberg in Tirol (district Kitzbühel).

Overview of the catchment area
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