Welcome to our research group "Hydrology of Alpine Catchments"

Alpine catchments are characterized by large differences in altitude between catchment borders and outlets. High relief energy triggers morphodynamic processes forming a topography with high small scale variability. This results in strongly varying micro-climatic conditions and soil/vegetation developments and thus in locally highly differing runoff processes. Due to altitude snow may occur during a great deal of the year storing water. The high amount of bedload during flood events impedes discharge measurements. Besides Alpine catchments are often characterized by large areas with extensive or no land use and aggravated accessibility.

Our research group uses experimental and measuring as well as modelling techniques to investigate Alpine catchments. We aim at

- identifying dominant runoff processes in Alpine catchments,
- understanding how current system conditions control the runoff reaction of Alpine catchments,
- modelling the effect of Global Change on the hydrological response of Alpine catchments.