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Teil des Forschungsschwerpunktes

Management of natural hazards/risks and resources in Iceland based on the application and adaption of Alpine approaches

Project leader Dr. Maria Wastl
Duration 05/2003 -  Contact
Funding agency various Dr. Maria Wastl
Contributing projects Collaborators
  • Natural Hazard Potential in the Ólafsfjörður Region, Northern Iceland. Adaptation of a Concept Developed in the Alps. Magister of Natural Sciences thesis, Andrew P. Moran, 05/2003
  • Regional Scale Assessment of the Natural Hazard Potential for Road No 76 from Siglufjörður to Straumnes. Report, Stephan Jenewein, Klaus Kleebinder, Hannes Kleindienst, Jörn Lippert, Alexander Ploner, Friedrich Schöberl, Haraldur Sigþórsson, Thomas Sönser, Johann Stötter, Maria Wastl, 04/2005
  • application of an indicator model for the similarity-based assessment of abiotic-biotic conditions of mountain streams to rivers in Iceland (cooperation with Friedrich Schöberl)
  • test of an expert system for assessing the flood-controlling system conditions in small torrent catchments in Iceland (cooperation with Gertraud Meißl)
Dipl.-Geogr. Jörn Lippert
Dr. Hannes Kleindienst
Dr. Gertraud Meißl
Mag. Andrew Moran
Prof. Dr. DI. Friedrich Schöberl
Prof. Dr. Johann Stötter

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