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Schöberl, F., Leonhardt, G., Wastl, M. and Moritz, Ch. (2008). Bed-form based fish habitat evaluation for alpine rivers. In: Altìnakar, M., Kökpìnar, M.A., Aydìn, Ì., Çokgör, S. and Kìrkgöz, S. (eds.), International Conference on Fluvial Hydraulics, River Flow 2008, September 3 - 5, 2008, Çesme - Ìzmìr, Turkey, vol. 3, pp. 1903-1912. Ankara.

Hydro-morphological conditions of the river system play a decisive role in determining the quality of the ecological status. Habitat simulation models focusing on specific river sections yield detailed results on the local scale. The evaluation of the ecological status of whole river courses, on the other hand, requires methods working on the basin scale. In this case, mainly 1D-models have been applied. The main drawback of these models lies in the insufficient resolution of habitat patterns as the density of cross sections is normally low and lateral variations of hydraulic conditions are neglected. This study develops methods to better grasp the variability of habitat conditions by applying principles of similarity to link habitat patterns with the underlying hydro-morphological conditions. Parameters characterizing specific habitat conditions, like the weighted useable area for certain fish species, serve as reference for habitat properties. Relationships between hydro-morphological patterns of different scales (macro, meso and micro patterns) and habitat indicators are described by dimensionless parameters dependent on the flow rate. By applying 2D and 1D versions of the habitat simulation model CASIMIR, procedures for the estimation of flow-related habitat suitability are derived for different hydro-morphological river regimes. The flow-specific relationships were tested by means of statistical analyses for five selected sections of the river Lech in Austria.

Keywords: screening method, river ecology, habitat suitability, hydro-morphological indicators, similarity numbers
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