Dr. Thomas Allmer

Foto Telephone: +43-512-507-54051
Fax: +43-512-507-54199
Email: thomas.allmer@uibk.ac.at
Office: Bruno-Sander-Haus, 6th Floor, Room 60617

University of Innsbruck
Department of Geography
Innrain 52f
6020 Innsbruck

About me

I studied media and communication and political science at the University of Salzburg in Austria and the Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. After I had finished my PhD in 2014, I started as a Lecturer in Social Justice at the University of Edinburgh, followed by a post as a Lecturer in Digital Media at the University of Stirling (Scotland, UK). Since 2019, I have been working as a Postdoc at the University of Innsbruck in Austria. I am also a Co-Director of The Institute for a Global Sustainable Information Society in Vienna, Austria. My publications include Towards a Critical Theory of Surveillance in Informational Capitalism with Peter Lang in 2012 and Critical Theory and Social Media: Between Emancipation and Commodification with Routledge in 2015.

For further information, see: http://thomasallmer.net

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