Universität Innsbruck



ESM-SnowMIP: assessing snow models and quantifying snow-related climate feedbacks (ongoing)

picture_sn4dw.jpgESM-SnowMIP is an international coordinated modelling effort to evaluate current snow schemes, including snow schemes that are included in Earth system models in a wide variety of settings against local and global observations. The project aims to identify crucial processes and characteristics that need to be improved in snow models in the context of local- and global-scale modelling. A further objective of ESM-SnowMIP is to better quantify snow-related feedbacks in the Earth system. ESM-SnowMIP is tightly linked to the CMIP6-endorsed Land Surface, Snow and Soil Moisture Model Intercomparison (LS3MIP). We do contribute to the project with snow simulations at selected local scale sites using the snow models developed in our group.


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