Universität Innsbruck



CRYOMON-SciPro (2016 – 2019)


CRYOMON-SciPro exploits the complementary character of hydrological modelling and satellite remote sensing for monitoring key processes within the cryosphere by integrating both methods in an innovative approach (multi-level data fusion). Innovations out of this project include (i) an improved representation and understanding of the spatial and temporal dimension of key processes within the cryosphere with a focus on the energy and water cycle on larger scales (> 10’000 km2), (ii) an innovative approach of integrating satellite remote sensing and hydrological modelling, (iii) the first-time application of latest ESA Sentinel 1 (radar) and 2 (optical) satellite data for studying the cryosphere, and (iv) the integration of data from new and innovative field measurement techniques (permanent terrestrial laser scanning, field spectrometry). CRYOMON-SciPro is a cooperation with the EURAC (Bolzano) and the University of Trento. It is funded by the EUREGIO Tyrol/South Tyrol/Trentino.

Web: http://www.eurac.edu/de/research/projects/Pages/projectdetail4240.aspx

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