Research on Integration after Amenity Migration

Qualitative Longitudinal Research (QLR) conducted between the years 2015/2016 and 2020/2021 sheds light on the integration process of urbanites who have moved their residence permanently or only temporarily to the Vorarlberg Montafon or the Tiroler Gailtal.

Recently, the article entitled "Come to Stay? Integration After Amenity Migration to the Alps. Qualitative Longitudinal Research in two Peripheral Mountain Regions of Western Austria" has been published in the Annals of the Austrian Geographical Society (MÖGG) and is now available open-access:

Here are the highlights of the article:

  1. The relocation to rural Alpine regions is rooted in the quest for a higher quality of life and thus can be related to the concept of lifestyle migration respectively amenity migration.
  2. This type of mobility is mainly driven by urbanites with higher education.
  3. The relocation is usually permanent, but can also be of temporary duration (i.e. second home visits).
  4. The Newcomers integrate themselves both consciously and unconsciously into the autochthonous structures and have  positive impacts on the regional development, especially on agri/culture and building stock conservation.
  5. Their Integration takes place in an identificative, structural, interactive and cultural way. Ultimately, the progress of integration determines whether the newcomers stay in their new place of residence in the long term or whether they leave it.
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